Introducing Chat GPT 4-o (Omni): OpenAI’s Latest Innovation

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May 17, 2024


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GPT-4o (Omni) is a big step forward in human-computer interaction, combining multiple features into one model.

Chat GPT 4o, where the “o” stands for “omni,” combines voice, text, and vision into one model. This makes it faster than the previous version. The company said the new model is twice as fast and much more efficient.  

Previous Voice Mode Challenges

Before GPT-4o, Voice Mode used a three-step pipeline for conversational AI:

  1. Audio to Text: A simple model transcribed audio input to text.
  2. Text Processing: GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 processed the text to generate a response.
  3. Text to Audio: Another simple model converted the text response back to audio.

This method had some issues: GPT-3.5 took 2.8 seconds, while GPT-4 took 5.4 seconds.

  • Loss of Information: The primary model (GPT-4) could not directly process audio nuances, such as tone, multiple speakers, or background noises.
  • Limited Expressiveness: It couldn’t output laughter, singing, or express emotions, reducing the naturalness of interactions.

Innovations with Chat GPT 4-o

GPT-4o (Omni) is a new version of GPT-4 that makes interacting with computers much more natural. Here’s what makes it special:

  1. All-in-One Processing: Unlike older versions that used separate steps, GPT-4o handles text, audio, images, and video all in one go. This means it can understand and respond in a more detailed and natural way. GPT-4o is a game-changer when it comes to understanding and discussing images. 

Take a photo of a menu in a foreign language, and GPT-4o can not only translate it but also provide insights into the food’s history and suggest what to try. This enhanced visual understanding opens up a world of possibilities, making travel and exploration more exciting and informative.

  1. Real-time conversations and Interactions: It can quickly respond to spoken inputs, almost as fast as a human, making conversations feel more real. 

Soon, you’ll be able to have natural voice conversations and even show ChatGPT a live sports game to ask about the rules. This new Voice Mode is launching in alpha in the coming weeks, with early access for Plus users. It’s an exciting step towards making AI an even more integral part of our daily lives.

  1. Cheaper and More Efficient: GPT-4o is faster and costs half as much to use, making it easier for more people and businesses to access.
  2. Better at Seeing and Hearing: It’s much better at understanding pictures and sounds, which is great for things like creating multimedia content, virtual reality, and advanced customer service.

Here are a few use cases of Chat GPT 4-o

Customer Service: Imagine a customer service agent who handles tough issues effortlessly. GPT-4o can power such an agent. 

Example: It can help troubleshoot a faulty iPhone by guiding the user through steps to reset it or diagnose the issue, providing detailed explanations and support.

Interview Preparation: Need help getting ready for an interview? ChatGPT can now analyze your appearance and suggest what to wear. 

Example: If you show it your outfit, it can recommend a more professional look or suggest colours that are more suitable for a formal interview setting, offering more than just typical interview tips.

Entertainment: Looking for game night ideas? GPT-4o can recommend games for the whole family and even act as a referee. 

Example: It could suggest a fun board game, explain the rules to everyone, and keep track of the score, making your social gatherings more fun.

Accessibility for People with Disabilities: In partnership with BeMyEye, GPT-4o can assist visually impaired users. 

Example: It can help someone navigate a busy street by describing their surroundings and providing directions. It can also assist in hailing a taxi by identifying nearby options and guiding the user through the process, making everyday tasks easier and more accessible.

What Will the Free Uses Get?

With GPT-4o, Free users will get:

  • GPT-4 level intelligence: You’ll experience the same high-level intelligence as the premium models, giving you smarter and more accurate responses.
  • Responses from the model and the web: Get answers from GPT-4o’s knowledge and real-time information available on the web. 
  • Data analysis and chart creation: Easily analyze your data and generate charts, making it simpler to visualize and understand complex information.
  • Chat about your photos: Upload photos and chat about them. GPT-4o can help you understand, describe, or get information about what’s in your pictures.
  • File uploads for help with summaries, writing, or analysis: Upload documents and GPT-4o will assist you by summarizing content, helping with writing, or analyzing the data within.
  • Access to GPTs and the GPT Store: Discover and use various specialized GPTs for different tasks and access the GPT Store for more tools and enhancements.
  • A better experience with Memory: GPT-4o can remember previous interactions to provide more personalized and context-aware responses, making your experience smoother and more tailored to your needs.

Potential and Future Exploration

AI has been rapidly evolving surpassing our expectations. 2024 saw big advancements, from Devin AI to the advanced capabilities of Chat GPT 4o, the progress is both remarkable and transformative.

Since GPT-4o is the first model to combine all these modalities, its full potential and limitations are still being explored. This new integrated approach promises to unlock more natural and expressive AI interactions, allowing for deeper engagement and richer user experiences.

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