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Mockcertifed allows individuals to become certified, improve their abilities, and make money while managing their time and being efficient. Our dedication to delivering an easy-to-use interface, personalized test preparation, and unique adaptability sets us apart from other platforms. With MockCertified, individuals can take the next step in their careers with confidence and ease.

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From AWS basics to advanced topics, our mock tests ensure you are confident in readiness for any AWS certification test.



Prepare for certifications or enhance cloud skills with our realistic tests to ace those Google Cloud certification tests.



Master Microsoft Azure certifications with our realistic and comprehensive mock tests. Excel confidently!


Project Management

Get PMP-ready with our focused Mock Tests. Master the exam through realistic simulations and comprehensive assessments.


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Explore a new way of testing with Alexa-integrated mock tests. Connect easily, manage your time better, and enjoy tests without straining your eyes in front of the screen for hours.


Our Top-Selling Tests

Discover our bestsellers – top-notch tests. Crafted with precision, these assessments closely mirror real exams, covering everything you need to boost those skills for the big day!


Project Management

Score a solid 75 on our Mock Tests, and you're all set for PMP success! Ace PMP with realistic simulations and assessments.


Google Cloud Architect

Engage in realistic scenarios and diverse assessments that align with the Google Cloud Architect certification’s specific objectives.


Microsoft Azure

Tailored to Azure's challenges, this test ensures expertise in cloud solutions, virtual networks, and Microsoft Azure services.



Go Easy On Your Wallet

Take it easy on your wallet! No need to break the bank – our tests are not only budget-friendly but also super realistic. Get top-notch preparation without the hefty price tag. Your success journey just got a lot more affordable!

Reasonable Pricing

Our mock tests come with a reasonable price tag, ensuring that quality preparation doesn't have to be expensive.

Reliable Assessments

Trust in the reliability of our mock tests as we've carefully crafted each assessment to align with certification standards.

Realistic Exam Simulations

Our mock tests are designed to be highly realistic, offering a practical experience that prepares you effectively for the actual exam.


MockCertified offers tests at very budget-friendly prices.

Project Management Tests at only $9.99 !

With the uptimelined 2023 format.

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Test Diversity

Affordable tests for IT, AWS, PMP, and diverse certifications.


Quality Assurance

Tests are aligned with industry standards for accurate preparation.


Budget-Friendly Pricing

Budget-friendly prep, making certification accessible to all.


Earn Passively

Profit from your knowledge by selling your tests.

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